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WE Games Wood GO Set with Pull Out Drawers -12 in.

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This Go board is made from high quality wood veneer to match the golden-tinged Kaya tree of which the very best Gobans are made. The board size does not require a large space on which to play. The surface features 19 horizontal and 19 vertical lines that form 361 points of intersection with 324 squares. Storage drawers are included on both ends for storing the white and black stones. No go bowls are needed. Simply remove the stones from the drawer during play. When not in use, the drawers recess neatly into the game. The sleek design makes this Go game a perfect decorative piece that will attract players when left out as a coffee table center piece. The high quality plastic stones are double convex making them easier to pick up and enjoyable for play. Go, an ancient game of Chinese origin, rewards patience and concentration. The shifting balance of territory and power can unnerve even the most disciplined and intellectual player. Like martial arts, Go is an exercise in concentration, balance, and discipline. Go can be learned in minutes, but it can take a lifetime to master. The large board and lack of restrictions allows great scope in strategy and expression of players' individuality. The object of the two-player game is to gain control of territories by alternately placing black or white stones strategically across a large ruled board. While it is easy to learn, this game of beauty and intellectual challenge provides hours of entertainment for players.
  • Made of wood veneer to match golden-tinged Kaya tree
  • Board measures 11.750 x 11.750 x 1.875 in
  • Features convenient pull-out storage drawers for pieces
  • Includes 361 pieces in black and white plastic