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WE Games Old School Brown and Natural Wooden Checkers Set -11.75 in.

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This classic styled checkers set features a beautiful wood board. Black and natural stacking wood checker pieces are included. The checkers are stackable for when they are "kinged" but are not designed to be interlocking due to the nature of wood. Cloth drawstring pouch is included for storing the pieces. Classroom teachers prefer this version of the game because of the sturdy wooden construction that outlasts cardboard sets. Played in homes, classrooms and pubs across the world, the game of checkers is a time-honored game. This old-school, nostalgic version makes a great gift that will be passed down from one generation to the next.
  • Old fashioned wooden checker set
  • Wooden board measures 12 inches
  • Wooden checkers measure 1 inch in diameter
  • 24 checkers included (natural and black)

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Beautiful Set!

I just received a free sample from WEGAMES and here is my honest review. This is a fun game for all ages. we had so much fun playing. The board and checker pieces are beautiful.

Luther h
Great Checkers Set!

I received a free sample of this game from WE Games. This is a great game for you and a friend to play. It keeps your mind moving, thinking about what your next move will be. I would definitely recommend this game.

Wooden checkers

I received this item as a free sample from WE Games.

The board is nice and solid wood, has quite a bit of heft to it. Beautiful to just leave out on it's own as a decoration! The pieces are also wooden and stained to match they board. I like the inlay detail around the edge of the playing area, gives it a nice little extra touch.

Jeremy Mitchell
Great set, looks nice

I received this item as a free sample from WE Games.

Nice quality wood board and pieces. Would recommend! Only issue I had is a minor one, and it's that the pieces don't like lock into each other when stacked. That would definitely be a great feature to have.

ricardo vazquez
beautiful checker set

I received a free sample of this game from WE Games. I love how the checker pieces match the walnut board. Simple but beautiful game.