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WE Games Tapered Easy Grip Cribbage Pegs w/ Velvet Pouch - Set of 12 (Brass, Chrome, Black, Copper)

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Upgrade your cribbage board with these beautiful tapered metal pegs, or spilikens, that make tallying the score a breeze. These pegs beautifully accent any board and nicely contrast classic wood Cribbage sets. Many cribbage players prefer metal pegs as plastic pegs can wear out over time and wooden pegs can break in the cribbage board holes making them difficult to get out. This set of pegs comes with four colors making it ideal for a two, three or four-player cribbage board. The tapered, easy grip design makes them easier to grasp between the fingertips and gives a tighter fit in the board holes. Because they are tapered, they will work with larger peg holes up to 3/16 of an inch. Peg hole sizes vary. We recommend that you measure the holes of your cribbage board prior to purchase to be sure the dimensions of these pegs will fit your board.
  • Includes 12 metal cribbage pegs
  • 3 pegs of each color
  • Pegs include brass, chrome, black, copper
  • Measure 1 inch tall and 1/5 inch at top