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WE Games 4 Way Chess Set, 3.75 in. Kings

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A twist on a classic, for 2-4 players. Object of the game is to capture the king, meaning there is no checkmate. Many variations of play are possible. Great set for seasoned players who are up for a challenge of strategic and tactical thinking. Includes a four-way roll up chess board and 4 sets of chessmen in navy blue, gray, neon green and red. Each chess piece color set includes 16 chess pieces and an extra queen. Plastic chessmen are classic Staunton style with felt bottoms and a matte finish to prevent glare. Includes a black bag with a shoulder strap for easy storage. Throw this set over your shoulder and enjoy the classic game with your favorite chess mates. Makes a great gift for families, classrooms or chess clubs.
  • Four Player Chess Set includes board and pieces
  • Board measures 23.25 x 23.25 inches
  • Vinyl board, squares measures 1.56 inches
  • Plastic chessmen; King, 3.75 inches, 1.5 inch base