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WE Games Deluxe Cribbage Set - Solid Wood with Sprint 2 Track Board with Easy Grip Pegs, Deck of Cards & Canvas Storage Bag

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This deluxe, gift-quality cribbage set comes complete with board, cotton carrying bag, tapered metal pegs and a deck of cards. The beautiful 2 lane cribbage board is crafted from solid wood and is ACC Sanctioned for tournament play. This is considered a sprint styled board with 60 holes straight up and 60 holes straight back. The peg holes are precision drilled. There are additional holes in the center for tracking wins of multiple games. The peg storage compartment on the underside of the board is covered with a sliding metal door. In an effort to standardize the cribbage board, the American Cribbage Congress (ACC) recommends a cribbage board that is 60 holes long. The American Cribbage Congress (ACC) purpose of a standardized board is to decrease pegging errors and to help improve tournaments. This is a quality board that will make a great addition to your game collection.