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WE Games Best Value Tournament Chess Set - 20 inch Vinyl Chessboard, Staunton Chessmen with 3.75 inch King, Bag and Instruction Manual

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This tournament chess set is ideal for chess clubs, classrooms and schools as it includes all that is needed to play chess at a great value. It meets the World Chess Federation’s (FIDE) and the US Chess Federation (USCF) proportions standards for tournament play.The full size vinyl chess board features algebraic notation for teaching purposes, recording games and game analysis. The board can be wiped clean and rolls up for easy storage. The plastic Staunton style chess pieces are unweighted and feature felt bottoms. They come in the traditional black and cream colors, and an extra queen is included in both colors in case the player is good enough to promote a pawn. A detailed instruction manual includes how to play chess, beginner and advanced chess moves, and the history of chess.   Equalizer dice are included and help level the playing field between beginners and experienced chess players making it more fun and rewarding to play opponents of different abilities. A black bag zipper pouch holds the pieces, dice, and instructions. There’s a loop under the bag.  Roll up the board and attach it to the bag through the loop, and you are ready to take the set with you where ever you may go. Whether you are starting out or you are an experienced chess player already using classical chess openings like the Queen’s Gambit, this chess set is perfect for you.