WE Games 4 Player Shut The Box(TM) Wooden Dice Game with Lid- Large Coffee Table Size - 14 inches

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This beautiful game with a lid is crafted from solid hardwood and features 10 wooden number tiles bringing more numerical combinations into play. Can be played with any number of players, but the 4-sided board makes it ideal for four players. Includes eight dice (4-different colors) so each player gets their own dice color. This makes it easier for all players to be rolling at once if you prefer to play the race version of the game. The playing surface is lined with black velveteen felt for the softest of dice rolls. Also features velveteen felt on the underside of the game to prevent scratches to table top surfaces. Originally, the game was played by fishermen off the coast of Normandy more than two hundred years ago. After a long day at sea, they would squander away their earnings by playing this dice game. Its no wonder it is still enjoyed in pubs across North America and Europe. While we don't advocate gambling, we do advocate this beautiful, well-constructed game that will provide hours of fun wherever you go.  This game also teaches and reinforces addition skills as players roll the dice, add up the values, and then lay down the tiles that have the sum. These simple rules keep the player engaged in computing addition facts while enjoying socializing with friends. Teachers use this game in classrooms and the game's sturdy construction will make it outlast other versions.