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Bobby Fischer Ultimate Chess Pieces, Triple Weighted, 3.75 in. King

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The Bobby Fischer Ultimate Chess Set has a long and storied history. First brought about by Dewain R. Barber and Jay Blem to give the chess market a sturdy, reliable tournament set that would not break the bank. The pieces are ergonomically engineered to feature smooth surfaces and seamless edges to make extended games comfortable and a joy to play. The large-headed pawns and bishops, and the grooved knight's stem are easier to grasp. Heavy and durable, this set became the iconic plastic chess set here in the United States. Premier weighting system designed to last longer than other weighted chess sets. Additional protection to keep the weights from loosening up or falling out.
  • MEETS STANDARDS FOR CHESS TOURNAMENTS: Chess pieces meet all US Chess Federation and FIDE world standards for tournament chess play. Can be used with a wooden chess set or tournament chess board
  • LONG LASTING: Premier weighting system designed to last longer than other weighted chess pieces. Chessmen - triple weighted and weigh collectively 3.85 lbs. (1.72 kg). Best quality Staunton chess set
  • PLASTIC CHESS PIECES: Black and white chess set with 34 pieces, 2 extra queens. The king is 3.75 in. (95.2 mm) tall with a 1.65 in. (41.9 mm) base diameter. Fits 2 in. chess board, chess mat squares
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: These chess pieces are considered the best chess set ever by serious chess players. The tops of the pawns feature larger balls on top and the knights feature an easy-grasp head.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Joel Ramos
BEST Chess Set for the money!

I bought these pieces and love them so much I even made a video for them, and for Wood Expressions especially.

I wish I would have found these pieces earlier. They meet all of my needs. Really heavy, very durable, tournament sized and I consider them to be a great value.

Best part is how the weights are integrated into the plastic, so they won't come loose and rattle (which degrades the experience and is a distraction when it happens in pieces of lower quality).

On top of the superior quality, their customer service is unparalleled. I contacted them about replacing a lost black pawn for the set I purchased from them, and just a few days later the replacement they sent me arrived, and I am so happy.

If you are on the market for a chess set, get this one from this company. They deserve your business, and as a customer, you deserve their quality product and service.

See my personal commercial here!:

Tomas Paradis
Superb Set - Highly recomended

This is a excellent set of pieces in every respect. Heavy base weighting keeps the pieces in place and upright even during energetic play or lumpy surfaces. Very tough and durable material shaped into pieces that are easy to grip and pleasant to the touch. The slightly off-white ivory/cream color of the White pieces is also an attractive feature. Even the heavy green box is well made and seems sturdy enough for storage or travel!

I also have a hand carved rosewood and boxwood set that has been shelved since these pieces arrived. This set has quickly become the favorite among all the players in our house.

Hopefully you will never have an issue with this set, but if you do, the customer service at Wood Expressions is great, going above and beyond what it takes to make things right even if it was my dog who loved the set so much that she nibbled on a couple of pieces.

So in my opinion "ULTIMATE CHESS PIECES" is not just a name but an accurate description of this set.