Travel Cribbage Set - 2 Track Wood Board with Cards and Bag

SKU: 300002

  • TRAVEL SIZE: The solid wood board measures 7 x 3.25 x 0.75 inches making it easy to stash into your carry-on luggage, but large enough that using the board is still fun. Take the set on a plane, boat, beach or park. You only need a deck of cards and a worthy opponent for endless hours of enjoyment.
  • QUALITY: The classic simplicity, functionality, and beautiful construction make this the perfect set for real cribbage players who enjoy playing the game while traveling the globe. The board is crafted from solid hardwood.  A clever storage compartment with a metal sliding door stores the pegs beneath the board so they will never be lost.
  • CRIBBAGE SCORING: Cribbage is a card game distinctly known for the cribbage board, or crib used for scorekeeping. It contains a series of holes known as streets, lanes, or tracks on which the score is tallied with pegs, or spilikens. Points are registered by pegging the score along the cribbage board.
  • INCLUDES: Six metal pegs (3 silver, 3 gold) add a touch of class and are superior to the average plastic pegs that accompany many lower quality travel cribbage boards. Comes with a deck of playing cards, instructions, and a cloth drawstring pouch for storing.