Travel 2-Track Wooden Cribbage Board - 7 inch

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Classic simplicity, functionality, and beautiful construction make this the perfect set for cribbage players who enjoy playing the game while traveling the globe. The solid wood board measures 7 x 3.25 x 0.75 inches making it easy to stash into your carry-on luggage, but large enough that using the board is still fun! Six metal pegs (3 silver, 3 gold) add a touch of class and are superior to the average plastic pegs that accompany many lower quality travel cribbage boards. A clever storage compartment with a metal sliding door stores the pegs beneath the board so they will never be lost. You only need a deck of cards and a worthy opponent for endless hours of enjoyment! Sailors and fishermen enjoyed cribbage for centuries. It was widely played by the United States Navy in World War II and was considered the unofficial game of submariners. Today, cribbage remains one of the most popular card games in the English-speaking world. The game is thought to have been invented by Sir John Suckling, an English Poet, who changed the rules of an earlier game called Noddy. Sir John was a wealthy, well-traveled Casanova with a notorious sense of humor. His biographer said of him, “The greatest gallant of his time, the greatest gamester both for bowling and cards, so that no shopkeeper would trust him for sixpence.” He was once involved in a failed plot to save a friend who was imprisoned in the Tower of London! The game of cribbage remains his legacy, and is a popular pub game that is enjoyed largely throughout the English-speaking world.
  • 2-lane scoring board is travel size
  • Attractive solid wood board in natural wood color features a compartment beneath the board for peg storage
  • Board measures 7 x 3.25 x 0.75 inches
  • Metal pegs make it a breeze to keep score - 3 silver, 3 gold