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WE Games Mini Wooden Blocks Stacking Tower Game - 5.5 inches Tall

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This is the mini-version of the larger block stacking party game. Put your steady hand and balancing skills to the test by carefully removing wooden blocks from the stack one at a time. A great game that is simple to learn and everyone in the family can participate. Includes one wooden die to be rolled for determining who goes first. Game too easy for you? Make it a challenge by rolling the die to determine how many pieces the player must remove during one play. Suspenseful and exciting with guaranteed laughs! Build the stack, and take turns pulling blocks and then stack each piece on top of the stack .The set includes 36 wooden pieces made from natural wood. Comes with a wooden storage box with sliding lid. Stack the pieces into the wooden box by placing three blocks per layer crosswise. Simply remove the sliding wood piece from the bottom for easy game set-up. Impress with this unique option for any birthday, graduation, easter basket, baby or wedding shower. An alternative to a traditional guest book, where guests write their well wishes on a blank block. This is also an excellent gift for groomsmen or as a 5th wedding anniversary. Whether it is with friends in the bar or family in your living room, this classic game has entertained happy people around the world for decades. The durable blocks are great for educational settings and indoor recess for elementary aged kids, and can also be played outdoors.
  • Miniature block stacking party game, in wooden box
  • Comes with 36 wooden mini pieces
  • Pieces measure 0.875 x 0.375 x 0.625 inches
  • Game measures: 6.75 X 2.75 x 2.375 inches

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Luther h

I received a free sample from We Games, and here is my honest review This Is A Fun game to play with the family and you can pack it easily and take it wherever you want too.

James S
Nice office desk game

I received a free sample from WE Games of this game. It’s a nice miniature version of the traditional game. I find it easier to “pull” blocks from this game is to use a pen/pencil to push the blocks for your move. Which makes it a great set to have at an office desk. The storage case is a good addition, making rebuilding for gameplay and transport easy.

Ryan Endo
Small blocks and nice container

I received this product as a free sample from WE Games and this is my honest review.
The wooden container for the blocks which it came in was really well made. It fits the blocks nicely and also has a nice smooth finish to it. The blocks themselves are slightly smaller than expected but are kind of fun to play with. It is a little hard to use but can be nice for kids or a good office decoration.

Del Mac
Good quality game

I received a free sample of this game from WE Games. The wood is very good quality. Blocks are well made. The game is small but will keep my grandkids busy for a while.