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WE Games American Style Mahjong Tile Game

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If you love the-game-of-a-hundred-intelligences, you'll love this complete set of American Mahjong that features tiles, four plastic racks, 2 dice, playing chips and instruction booklet. Tiles are white, engraved, painted, and made from melamine. Includes 4 all-in-one pusher and tile rack combo, so easy to use and so easy to put away after game play. Each set comes with 2 dice, 100 money chips, and bettor, 166 tiles, 4 arms, and instructions.
  • American style Mahjong tile game, includes 4 plastic racks in different colors, red, blue, yellow and green (14 x 2.5 in)
  • Includes 166 tiles (162 regular tiles and 4 blank tiles) - tiles measure 1.51 x 1.08 x 0.15 in.
  • Includes 100 chips, 25 of each color; red, blue, yellow, and green (0.85 in. diameter, 0.06 in. thick)
  • Includes 2 dice (0.625 in.) and instruction booklet