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Luxury Domino Case -Double 6

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Classic Double 6 Black Dominoes with White Dots has never looked more glamorous. This is our most luxurious set of dominoes. It comes in an elegant case and the decorative detail on the dominoes reminds us of the designs and luxury of Art Nouveau. Dominoes were originally made from ivory or bone and are descendants of dice. They became known as dominoes from their resemblance to the style of a classic black masquerade mask sometimes called a domino. This beautiful set makes a fantastic gift and if you're in the mood to spoil yourself you won't find a more elegant set anywhere else.
  • Double 6 Dominoes Case weighs 2.80 lbs.
  • White, black, and clear lined tiles with dark grey dots have decorative silver illustrations
  • Black case measures 8.75 x 5.25 x 3 in., is lined in grey felt and has shelves for storing the dominoes
  • Dominoes measure 2 x 1 x .46 inches
  • 28 Dominoes included