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WE Games King's Table - Tablut - The Viking Game

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This version of King's Table is an exact replica of the Viking board game of attack and defense played in 400 A.D and found in Lapland in 1732. The board and pieces are made from wood. A forerunner to Chess, this 1,500 year old game will take you back to the games Tafl and Hnefatafl that were popular in the Viking Homeland of Scandinavia. Over the centuries the game developed and different versions of the board have been found by archaeologists in sites from Ireland to Ukraine. Looking to give something out of the ordinary? Look no further than King's Table, a classic that has been enjoyed by family and friends for ages. Makes a wonderful gift for Christmas, birthdays and housewarming parties.
  • A Viking game of attack and defense
  • Game board measures 9 x 9 inches
  • Pieces are made of wood
  • Historically, a forerunner to the game of chess