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Grand English Chess Set - Weighted Pieces with Solid Maple & Walnut Wood Board 20 in. (Made in USA)

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This beautiful chess set combines the grace of finely detailed English chessmen with the durability and quality of an American made chess board. The pieces are made from Kari and Sheesham wood, are polished by hand, and are weighted for extra stability during play. Billiard felt pads line the chessmen bottoms to protect the surface of the board from scratches. The large 20 inch board is made in America of solid maple and walnut wood. This exquisite chess board is unique because it features a playing surface on both sides. A light finish is applied over the natural wood for an ultra smooth playing surface. The timeless style and beauty of this classic wooden chess set will be enjoyed for generations and will add character and style to any room in which it is placed.
  • English Staunton style chess pieces are weighted & handpolished - crafted from sheesham & kari wood
  • King measures 3.5 in. with 1.63 in. diameter base - pieces collectively weigh 2.4 lbs.
  • Solid wood board is double sided with walnut border and walnut/maple wood squares - Made in USA
  • Board measures 19 in. with 2 in. squares
  • Includes 32 chessmen with felt bottoms