WE Games Double Nine Dominoes - Ivory Color Tiles, Club Size

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Dominoes is a tile game that can be played just about anywhere with a flat surface. Play it on the floor, at the park, or on the kitchen table. Enjoyed around the world, dominoes is particularly popular in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and other Latin countries of the Caribbean. Play dominoes in style with this classic set of premium double-nine dominoes. Enjoy the clicking sound of the tiles with their smooth surface and clean, black pips. Transport them in the nostalgic black and red vinyl case with snap closure. A great addition for any vacation home, game room, or man cave, this is a gift that will be enjoyed for years to come.
  • Double 9 Ivory Colored Dominoes
  • 55 dominoes included
  • Domino measures 2.13 x 1.1 x .5 inches
  • Full set weighs 3.55 lbs.