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WE Games Weighted Tournament Chess Set, Board, Large Bag, Pieces 3.75 in.

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This tournament-size chess set comes complete with chess board, chessmen and a travel canvas bag, and it meets the World Chess Federation's (FIDE) height, weight, and proportions standards for tournament play. It includes our plastic black and cream chess pieces that are heavy weighted with a tournament sized 3.75 inch king with two extra queens in the event you are a good enough player to promote a pawn into an extra queen. Pieces have green felted bottoms and come packaged in heavy zip lock bags. The vinyl roll-up board with 2.25 inch squares includes algebraic notation for game analysis. The perfect chess set for tournaments and classrooms looking for a tournament size chess set and board at a great value.
  • Includes full size carry bag, board, and pieces
  • Green and buff vinyl chess mat, algebraic notation
  • King measures 3.75 inches with 1.438 inch base
  • Weighted pieces collectively weigh 2.1 lbs.