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Classic Cribbage Set - Solid Oak Wood Continuous 2 Track Board with Metal Pegs

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This sturdy cribbage board is crafted from solid Oak and has a natural finish. Includes 6 metal pegs.
  • 2-lane continuous race track score board with 90 point skunk line and numerical notations
  • Solid oak board measures 16 x 3.75 x .875 inches
  • Set includes 6 metal pegs (3 gold, 3 silver)
  • Sliding metal door beneath board hides storage compartment for pegs
  • Instructions and history of cribbage included
This gorgeous two-player cribbage board is finely crafted of solid oak wood with great attention paid to quality and durability. The timeless style and beauty of this classic cribbage board will be enjoyed for generations and will add character and style to any room in which it is placed. Made with those who love cribbage in mind, it features a two-player racetrack style board with perfectly aligned and drilled scoring holes. A light finish is applied over the natural oak wood for an ultra smooth playing surface. Metal pegs are included and are easily stowed in the board's underside storage area with a sliding cover. Also included is a brief history of the game and instructions.