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WE Games Chinese Qin Themed Chess Pieces - Pewter

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Qin (pronounced Chin) was the first imperial dynasty in China's long and ancient history. Under the influence of the reformer Shang Yang, China was united for the first time under a system that centralized power, established military prowess, increased trade, exalted the rule of law, and decreased the power of the nobility. During the Qin dynasty the Great Wall of China was built and it is said modern China derives its name from this first dynasty. That world comes alive in our magnificent pewter Chinese Qin Chessmen. Emperors, Concubines, Warriors, and of course, The Great Wall are represented in great detail. It's truly a stunning set that you will want to display in a place of prominence.
  • Chinese Qin themed chessmen
  • Pieces are sculpted from pewter
  • King measures 3.27 inches wih 1.1 inch base
  • Pieces collectively weigh 6.4 lbs.