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WE Games Double 6 White Dominoes Game Set in Wooden Case

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Everyone's favorite Double 6 Plastic Dominoes now come in a natural wooden box for easy, quality storage. Dominoesare descendants of dice. The bones became known as dominoes from their resemblance to the style of a classic black masquerade mask sometimes called a domino. Western dominoes typically include 28 bones, with six bones having blank sides. This represents the outcome of the throw of one die. Dominoes, like playing cards are extremely versatile. There is a wide array of games you can play with domino pieces, such as Draw Dominos, Mexican Train, Five-up, Matador, and Forty-Two just name a few.
  • DOMINOES: Includes 28 double 6 ivory heavy-duty plastic dominoes with black dots in a sturdy wooden case. Add some fun to your home decor, board game table, game room decor, or living room decor.
  • COMPLETE GAME SET: The dominoes measures approximately 2 x 1 x 3/8 in., and the case measures 8 x 5 x 2 in. The natural wooden case is equipped with a wood sliding lid.
  • FAMILY GAMES: Add dominoes to your outdoor games for adults and family collection or your family board games for family night collection. Makes the erfect family game or 2 player games for adults.
  • PARTY GAMES: Play games like All Fives, Mexican Train, Tiddly Wink, Fortress, and Texas 42 or create a toppling effect. Domino's are used as bar games, boat games, camping games, and travel games.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Good dominos set.

I received a free sample from WE Games, great box dominoes. Although I feel like a nice engraving on the lid would make it perfect. The box seems a little bland but nice wood.

James S
Quality Dominoes Set

WE Games provided me with a free sample of this dominoes set. The dominoes are of good quality & crafted very well that makes gameplay easy on any surface. Even the wooden case that holds the dominoes is comprised of sturdy wood which safely secures the pieces.

M Robinson
Love these dominoes!

I received a free sample from WE Games and here is my honest review. My family loves playing dominoes and we brought this set to the mountains with us and it's the perfect game for a snowy day. The box is made of wood and the dominoes have a good weight and size. We plan to play these dominoes on our boat this summer, too. Really nice! The instructions that were included were for double 6. We play a different version of dominoes that we think is more challenging and fun.