Super Six Travel Dice Game - Black Aluminum

SKU: 459902

  • TRAVEL GAME: The ideal travel game. Small size and light weight. Great size for a purse or backpack. Take it camping or keep the family entertained while you wait for dinner to be served.
  • GERMAN DESIGNED: Sturdy aluminum container with screw cap. Measures 5 x 5 cm.
  • INCLUDES: Two dice, 36 metal sticks, and instructions.
  • INSTRUCTIONS: Each player receives the same amount of metal sticks. The dice are rolled and the sticks are inserted into the hole corresponding to the number of dice. If the field is already occupied, the stick has to be picked up. If you roll a “six”, the stick can disappear in the hole in the middle of the lid. The first player to run out of sticks is the winner. By inserting the second die, there is another tricky game variant for sophisticated players.
  • 2-6 PLAYERS: Easy to learn and fast paced, a guaranteed crowd pleaser.