Old World Wood Treasure Box with Brass Latch - Walnut Stained

SKU: 090012


This wooden treasure box was skillfully crafted to graciously store your most precious belongings...prized chessmen, family photos, or small heirlooms perhaps? It is also a wonderful place to stash your car keys and extra coins where they will remain stylishly out-of-sight. Regardless of what is stored within, this versatile vessel continues the fine tradition of boxes throughout history, combining function with decorative purpose, and will be cherished for its fine craftsmanship for generations. Of course, if you want to store your jewels and money here, we won't tell anyone.

  • Old World Style Wooden Box with Latch Closure and Walnut stain
  • Outside of Box Measurements: 12.125 x 9.5 x 2.875 in.
  • Inside of Box Measurements: Base –11.3125 x 8.75 x 1.75 inches, Lid – 11.250 x 8.750 x .750 inches
  • Inside Bottom is lined with felt. Bottom of box is felted to prevent scratches to surfaces.
  • Many Uses - Holds important documents, chess pieces, car keys, photos, etc.