Luxury Staunton Solid Walnut Chess Set - Weighted Black Stained Pieces & Solid Walnut Wood Chessboard - 23 in.

SKU: 128521

Enjoy this grand Staunton style chess set with a 23 inch solid walnut wood board. Featuring Jacques style chess pieces crafted from ebony and kari wood with a 4 inch king. Pieces are triple weighted, hand polished, and have leather bottoms. This is a stunning chess set that will be cherished for generations of chess players.
  • Jacques style chess pieces are triple weighted & handpolished with leather bottoms - crafted from ebony & kari wood
  • King measures 3.75 in. with 1.63 in. diameter base - pieces collectively weigh 3 lbs.
  • Solid walnut board with clear satin finish has beveled edge and mitered corners with felt pads on the underside
  • Board measures 23 x 23 x 0.79 in. with 2.25 in. squares
  • Includes 32 chessmen