Grand Russian Style Chess Set - Weighted Pieces & Black Stained Wood Board 19 in.

SKU: 121519

This gorgeous Russian Style Chess Set boasts a 19 inch Board and generously sized chess pieces with 4 inch King. The appealing black and natural wood board offers a pleasant playing surface with contrasting colors that assist the eyes during longer games. The weighted chess pieces are crafted of black stained Kari wood and are hand-polished for optimal appearance. This is a delightful, substantial, and classic chess set that will be adored for generations.
  • Traditional Russian style chess pieces are weighted & handpolished - crafted from black stained & kari wood
  • King measures 4 in. with 1.75 in. diameter base - pieces collectively weigh 2.8 lbs.
  • Black stained & natural wood board
  • Board measures 19 x 19 x 0.65 in. with 2 in. squares
  • Includes 32 chessmen with felt bottoms