Classic Checkers Set - Black & Natural Pieces with Solid Wood Board 18 in. (Made in USA)

SKU: 189718

The timeless style and beauty of this classic checkers set will be enjoyed for generations and will add character and style to any room in which it is placed. It is finely crafted in the USA of solid walnut & maple wood with great attention paid to quality and durability. Made from American hardwood lumber that is certified eco friendly by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), each checker board proudly bears the Made in USA label engraved on the underside. A light finish is applied over the natural wood for an ultra smooth playing surface. A cloth drawstring bag holds the wooden checker pieces. Also included is a brief history of the game and instructions.
  • Classic checkers set
  • Solid wood board is dark brown and natural wood tones - Made in the USA
  • Board measures 18 in.
  • Wood - 24 checker pieces in cloth bag, black/natural
  • Includes instructions and history of the game